Glass heart

I asked Dall-E 3 to create specific human organs in the style of Tiffany's glass. The results are gorgeous ... and finally on point.

Working with Dall-E 3: A real glass act

The anatomy of invention

DALL-E 3 has some really nice improvements over Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. One of the things I'm the most amazed by is how it's handling human anatomy. For some reason none of these models have been able to get this right, until now.

My request was to create a specific organ made out of Tiffany's glass. Here are just some of the results.

These are not perfectly correct, but for a comp or the start of a conversation they are amazing. No other AI model can touch this output when it comes to accuracy, even if I like some of the artistic choices by Midjourney a little more.

PSA for all my medical marketing friends, DO NOT USE THESE AS FINAL ART. You should still hire medical illustrators and 3D artists for this kind of work, especially if you don't know what is correct... but for a comping tool this can really help your conversations and hopefully get you better results in the end.



  • : David Brungard

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