Fun with Face Fusion: David Brungard and Sehzat Oner star in Gladiator!

Face Fusion Fun

Gladiators for good

Face Fusion allows for simple photos to infiltrate video for some powerful deep fakes. And although fulfilling my dream to star in Gladiator is just for fun, I have no doubt this tech can deliver valuable work. It's not perfect, but note I did zero editing to this, and I only used one photo. With a few adjustments and additional time, this could be very convincing.

These tools are bound to increase what's possible in video production, so let's use them for good. Meanwhile sit back and enjoy my starting role with a special guest spot from Sehzat Oner, Director of 3D animation at Y'all.

Here is a little behind the scenes shot for your enjoyment. The software is running off my video machine in a virtualized server through a web interface.

David Face Swap BTS interface



  • Face Fusion Video: David Brungard, Sehzat Oner


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