y'all should protect us from Space Invaders. pew, pew!

Space Invaders

Personally, we're not keen on others invading our space. But here our own logos are... invading... so we... blast 'em? (We're not really sure what metaphors are either.) Here's one thing we are sure of: Retro video games are fun. And exploding things is funner. Yes, funner.

Originally conceived as a novel UX element for our agency website, we ultimately decided the game would be just a bit too odd for site navigation. So we present it here as a stand-alone game, with everything you love about the classic arcade game right in your browser. Use your left and right arrow keys to move your ship, and the space bar to shoot.

We're always looking for new ways to bring fun into the web and gamify the everyday.

Don't stay inside the box you've been put in. Break out of it. 💪

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