This 16-second video was generated by Gen-2 by Runway from an image built in Midjourney. Welcome to the jungle.

Project Runway

Ideas take off from Gen-2 Runway

This is a quick test I did with Gen-2 by Runway. The journey started with building the original image in Midjourney. Then I ran the tool a few times to get a 12 second clip (you can now go to 16 seconds). These are exciting times, and don't worry, it's not replacing the artists and animators we need to do final production, but it's another tool that allows everyone to brainstorm and come up with cool ideas. You can see a little hallucinate near the end, but for a few minutes work, this is pretty amazing output!



  • Runway Animation, for an image created in MidJourney: David Brungard


  • #AI
  • #MidJourney
  • #Runway

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