YALLIE SMASH! A surprisingly satisfying interactive 3D game experience.


Look, y'all have been there. You're in your skyscraper working on your slide deck for the big oat milk pitch when—gasp!—suddenly, outside your window a giant blue biped with sympathetic eyes appears. They're traipsing through town. They're knocking over buildings. They're shouting their own name. It must be that darn Yallie again!

Yallie's a larger-than-life figure around here, so what better way to celebrate them than by making a mini game where you can play dominoes with a cityscape? Use your arrow keys to explore.


Creative Technologist Christian Kastner conceived of and built this demo using the React Three Fiber and Drei libraries for ThreeJS, with the Cannon physics engine. Director of 3D Animation Sehzat Oner sculpted and rigged the model in Blender. Eponymous roars brought to you by Director of Creative Technology Michael Fanuzzi.



  • Modeling & Rigging: Sezhat Oner
  • 3D Development & Gameplay: Christian Kastner
  • Voice Acting: Michael Fanuzzi
  • Version: 1.0


  • #3D
  • #Audio
  • #Yallie
  • #Interactive

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