Lessons of Yallie #7263: Getting stuck is the stuff dreams are made of.

Lessons of Yallie

Anybody who’s ever worked in a client services industry knows this feeling: you're on task, doing what you’re supposed to do, confident in the creative work you’re creating, and then—BAM! An obstacle hits you smack in the face.

Everybody handles challenges in their own ways. Our way? Give it another thought. Ask yourself: Can I be flexible? Can I think about this project in a whole new way? Yallie says you can.


This is the first in a series of Lessons of Yallie, designed and executed by Director of 3D Sehzat Oner (sheh-ZAHT OH-ner). Sehzat created a 3D model of the beloved Yallie mascot (brainchild of Creative Director Mike Foster) in Blender, then transported it into Houdini to magically transform into sand, collapse, and fly away using realistic physics models. Rendered with Karma. Score inspired by The Chordettes's “Mr. Sandman” and created by Sehzat on his vintage Jupiter 6.



  • 3D: Sehzat Oner
  • Music: Sehzat Oner
  • Motion graphics: David Karl
  • Copywriting: Audrey Mason
  • Version: 1.0


  • #3D
  • #Animation
  • #Yallie
  • #Video
  • #Audio
  • #Vibes

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