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AI Yallie

It's easy for creatives to feel resistance when AI comes up, but here at y'all, we're excited about all the new opportunities AI offers. So when this very website needed a hero image (or ten), we took Creative Director Mike Foster's beautiful illustrations of our mascot, Yallie, and ran them through a few cycles of the img2img AI tumble dryer to produce the fun goodness below.

How does this work?

First, you give it an image to start from:
original blue Yallie illustration with eyes looking to the right
Then, you give it a "prompt," which tells it how you'd like to transform the original image.

We wanted to turn Yallie into a scientist in a lab performing an experiment, while keeping the style fun, flat, and modern. These images were all generated using this prompt: colourful flat scientist creature with googly eyes performing an experiment, 2d, playful, airbnb, gradient, aesthetic

AI generated blue Yallie, he has a third eye, glasses, a smile and what looks like some moving hand gestures

Part of the fun is seeing what additional details the AI may add. For instance, we're not sure what's going on with the colorful dots and strange outlines that emerged from Yellow Yallie (but we're lovin' it):

Pink Yallie's peace sign becomes their... drunk buddy?

As silly as these are, we're excited about what they represent for the future of digital art, and the opportunities this truly new medium presents.



  • Author / "Prompt Engineer": Michael Fanuzzi
  • Video: Moses Gunesch
  • Original Yallie Art: Mike Foster
  • Version: 1.0


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  • #Yallie

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